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Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we are not able to realize your requests about sending an autograph, t-shirt or any gadget associated with Arkadiusz Milik. However, we encourage you to closely follow his official account on Facebook, where he organize contests with attractive prizes.

If you have any questions to Arkadiusz Milik, we invite you to write a message in contact form on the rightbelow.

Arkadiusz „Arek” MILIK

Website editor:
phone: +48 883 734 191

In all matters related to Arkadiusz Milik's career and cooperation at all possible levels, please contact the manager of the player. Please do not send wishes or congratulations to the following telephone numbers - they are not Arek's direct numbers.

Agent: Przemysław Dawid PAŃTAK (Football Management Group)


Phone: +49 178 72 321 68 (Ger), +372 5949 2051 (International), +48 508 55 79 72 (Pol)